fresh off the lips of of health marketing experts

Host: Bill Klaproth

Bill is a former radio program director/air-talent, having worked at various radio stations across the Midwest (Iowa - 93.7 KKRL, Minnesota - 93.9 WTBX, Springfield - 103.7 WDBR, Cincinnati - Q102) including 10 years the 97.9 The Loop, WLUP Chicago.

He currently is an independent Marketing Consultant helping businesses grow utilizing all forms of marketing communication.

Bill is married to his wonderful wife Randal, and has two amazing sons that bring great joy and craziness at the same time.

When he's not talking marketing he's into music (rock), Corvettes (70's), sports (Chicago), and wine (cabernet).

Contact Bill: or on twitter @bklaproth

Marketing Mouth Description

Marketing Mouths is a podcast series for healthcare marketers by healthcare marketers.

Conversations with hospital marketing directors, digital marketing experts, social media pros, IT specialists, PR people, Physician Relations pros, and other interesting people that operate, or help those that operate, marketing and related departments at hospitals all over the U.S.

You'll learn and share and have a little fun at the same time. Don't miss the soon to be infamous "Marketing Mouths Wheel of Questions" at the end of every PodChat - where Bill asks more personal questions of the MM guests.

Marketing Mouths. Think of it as "word of mouth" marketing information fresh off the lips of health marketing experts.